Hyundai outlines folding steering system

The idea, of course, is not new and is often found in concepts, but only HMG decided to develop it into a mass product. Judging by the entourage, a retractable steering wheel is installed in the autonomous shuttle PBV (Purpose Built Vehicle) from the Urban Air Mobility project. The vehicle has the working name RoboShuttle.

Hyundai Mobis developed a foldable steering system for drones in about two years that is adjustable in range of 25 cm. Its main advantage is considered to be freeing up space in the driver’s area when driving on autopilot in the second to fourth levels. This, they say, is the way to innovate in the design of future mobility. Now Mobis is applying for patents “all over the world” and preparing a “global commercialization of the export product.

Externally, the development resembles a stuck-up robot vacuum cleaner. The only thing that folds down are the handles, stripped of the buttons. The Korean engineers did not manage to sink the system into the front panel completely, but assure in its “durability and reliability. There seems to be no claxon and airbag in the steering wheel.

All major parts of the system are designed from scratch. The guide disc is connected to the wheels “by wire” (Steer by Wire, SBW), which “minimizes” vibration and provides “optimum performance.” Note that the Prophecy show car simply does not have a steering wheel, the Hyundai 45 and Staria concepts did not offer a folding steering wheel, but experiments with mental control were conducted. We are waiting for the premiere of the shuttle, which has a foldable steering system.