The tire that renews itself

The heart of the Goodyear ReCharge tire is a biodegradable tread compound, which can be rebuilt using individual capsules. The capsules are filled with a specific liquid rubber mixture that can be used to regenerate the tread again and again. The capsules are refillable, making the tire changing process easier.

In addition, the tire can adapt to changing weather conditions, road conditions and the individual mobility requirements of the user. Using artificial intelligence, a profile of every driver is created, which is used to tailor the rubber compound to the particular driver. Since the ReCharge tire does not need air, there is no need for a tire pressure monitoring system. The thin, robust and low-maintenance overall structure of the tire can also prevent failures due to tire damage.

The rubber compound of the ReCharge tire consists of a biological, fiber-reinforced material. The fibers are based on the spider silk. This would not only make the tread compound extremely durable, it would also be 100% biodegradable.