PANTHER fire truck 6x6

Rosenbauer presented the concept of an electric firefighter

The German manufacturer of fire trucks – Rosenbauer at the Interschutz -2022 exhibition showed a promising vehicle designed for fire fighting at the airport.

Advanced airports (Amsterdam, London, Marseille, Rome, Vancouver, Oslo and Helsinki) have even more ambitious goals – they want to be climate neutral by 2030. Therefore, the electrification of ground vehicles, including a fleet of fire trucks at airports, promises to be one of the levers that encourages the development of electric fires.

In this regard, Rosenbauer decided not to waste time and began to actively create its own heavy chassis platform with electric drive. As a partner in a promising project (PANTHER 6×6 electric), Magna was chosen, which is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automotive components.

The concept airfield PANTHER 6×6 electric was made on the basis of the classic PANTHER fire truck with a gross weight of up to 39 tons. Outwardly, the “electrician” is slightly different, and this can be seen in the sharper frontal part. A new concept for lighting the airfield was also introduced, and the design of the taillights was changed. The vehicle received powerful electric motors with an automatic transmission. Thus, the ICAO requirements were met, according to which the airfield fire truck must accelerate from 0 to 80 km / h in less than 20 seconds. Capacious batteries installed on board provide enough energy for a 3-minute trip to the emergency site.

The PANTHER 6×6 electric high-pressure pump is also powered by electricity. The batteries are charged from a charging station with a capacity of 250-300 kW, and it will last approximately 25 minutes. In general, the electric “Panther” turned out to be powerful and environmentally friendly. The launch of the concept electric vehicle in a series is expected to occur within the next two years.