Police received a snow blower based on a hybrid BMW X5

Police received a snow blower based on a hybrid BMW X5

In total, 169 electrified models will appear in the park

The Spanish police are renewing their fleet of official vehicles on a large scale – the Municipal Police of Madrid has confirmed the purchase of a batch of 169 electrified BMW models. Roughly a third of the vehicles delivered will be electric and plug-in hybrids, while the remainder will be mild hybrids with 48-volt systems in addition to conventional internal combustion engines. A feature of the new police cars in Spain will be their versatility, which is not dreamed of by conventional BMW models.

The BMW i3, BMW 225xe Active Tourer, BMW 220i Active Tourer, BMW 530i and BMW X5 xDrive 30d models will be delivered to the authorities. The first copies of the new cars have already been handed over to the Madrid Municipal Police during a ceremony attended by Madrid Mayor Jose Luis Martínez-Almeida, BMW Group Spain Chairman Manuel Terroba and Municipal Police Chief Pablo Enrique Rodriguez Pérez.

The batch features several new BMW i3s, although this compact electric car, which is planned to be used in the center of Madrid, was discontinued in August. Either these cars were built even before the assembly was completed, or civilian electric cars that did not find buyers were redone for the police.

As for the BMW X5, in addition to the standard livery and special signals for all police cars, the crossover is equipped with a powerful winch, a set of cables and hooks, as well as a mounted snow plow – if necessary, the car can even be used to pave roads on snowy roads.