Fitness report for the battery in the electric car

The Munich-based company Twaice has developed a computer simulation that is supposed to show the condition of the batteries in used electric cars. This allows the residual value of a vehicle to be determined more precisely.

The sale of electric cars is also increasing due to the increased environmental premium. In the medium term, the used car market for locally emission-free vehicles will also grow. For many customers, however, the question may arise whether the traction battery still has sufficient storage capacity.

At this point the startup Twaice wants to contribute its software development. Together with Autovista and TÜV Rheinland, the Munich-based company designed the “Battery Health Report”.

Advantages for buyers and sellers

A digital counterpart to the battery of the electrified car is created using computer simulation. It is then fed with the data on driving style, charging behavior and other circumstances such as temperatures, whereupon the program calculates an appropriate quality of the used battery.

Twaice plans to make its simulation standard in the trade in used electric cars. Customers should therefore have more security when buying, vendors of the vehicles could achieve a possible additional profit with the corresponding certificate. In addition, the residual value of the used car can be displayed more precisely.