Electric scooter offer from early 2020

The car manufacturer Daimler, in collaboration with the scooter specialist, will launch Micro E-Scooter under the Mercedes label.

The Stuttgart-based carmaker Daimler also wants to get into business with e-scooters. The company announced corresponding plans at the IAA. The electrically powered kick scooters are suitable for covering shorter distances quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner.

The new e-scooter in the EQ brand family from Mercedes is developed in cooperation with the Swiss scooter specialist Micro and is specially designed for the first and last mile. In co-branding with micro, the Mercedes-Star and the EQ logo are attached to the steering column of the e-scooter as a trademark for electrical intelligence.

Daimler does not yet give technical data or a price for the Mercedes EQ Scooter. The model presented by Mercedes is strongly reminiscent of the Micro-Roller Explorer. It weighs 14 kilograms, reaches a maximum of 20 km / h and offers a range of up to 25 kilometers as well as suspension on both axles.

The Swiss call a price of around 1,100 euros for their scooter. The Explorer is to be delivered from January 2020. This also fits in with the Daimler schedule, because the market launch of the Mercedes-Benz EQ Scooter is expected to be announced in early 2020.