Brake caliper for high-performance sports cars

IAA 2019 brake manufacturer Brembo presented the Dyadema caliper at the IAA. The Dyadema is the new top model for the highest braking demands.
According to Brembo, the six-piston brake caliper presented at the IAA is the most advanced brake caliper that the Italians have ever produced for road vehicles.

Additional cooling for more braking power

The aluminum monoblock construction has a special air cooling technology that is already inserted during the casting process. The Dyadema saddle integrates a cooling channel that increases the airflow around the brake pads. Thanks to the ventilation that this triggers, the saddle works permanently at lower temperatures and thus achieves better and more consistent performance.

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The increase in air flow should reduce the brake fluid temperature by up to 15 percent compared to a standard saddle. This should also increase braking performance and shorten braking distances.

The new Dyadema brake caliper is to be used in upcoming super sports car models.